Hi, I’m Beth!  As a newbie blogger and full-time uni student I thought I’d start out my blog by simply writing about my experiences and thoughts because after all, they always say to write about what you know!


This blog is kind of a mixture of everything, from lifestyle and university to beauty, fashion and travel. It’s basically just combining everything I like to read about in blogs all into one place.


Whether it’s personal experiences and struggles you like to read, all things beauty and makeup related, figuring out life at uni or places to travel to, there will be a little bit of all of that in this blog.


Okay, I’ll stop rambling now and let you get on with your day.


Wait, one more thing!


If you’re feeling a bit nosy like we all do and want to get to know me more, then come chat to me on my social media:

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Got any questions or anything you want me to write about? Email bethrebeccablog@gmail.com or fill in the form on my Contact page.