Interning at a London Lifestyle and Beauty Magazine

Ever wondered what interning at a magazine is like? 

After being an intern for a few weeks I thought I’d write a post about how I managed to get it in the first place and what it’s really like to work in such a fast-paced environment that all seems so glamorous from the outside. Don’t get me wrong, there are definitely glamorous sides to it, from the free beauty samples, celebrity interviews and free tickets to events and new show openings, but don’t expect to be doing that all the time, or at all!

interning at a london lifestyle and beauty magazine, journalism internship

Day to Day Life as an Intern: What I Did and What I Learnt

My first day feels like a bit of a blur looking back, I got lost round the building three times, I forgot everyone’s names, and I didn’t get to write any articles- but I still loved it.

I loved the atmosphere of the place, I loved how sleek and modern everything was, I loved that there was always something happening whether that was a photoshoot around the corner or an interview with Jo Malone. I was literally living my dream of being at a beauty and lifestyle magazine and the whole thing felt quite surreal. So, here’s what life as a magazine intern is really like…

You Won’t Be Writing Articles Everyday

I was there for 2 weeks and I wrote a total of 2 articles. I know, I was slightly shocked too. I kept thinking, ‘I’m here to do journalism, why am I not writing anything?’ which got very frustrating at times.

It took me a little while to remember that I was the lowest in the ranking there and had the least experience, so why would they give me articles to write when they have somebody better to write them? I understand it now, but it definitely was a bitter pill to swallow when I was watching everyone else writing articles I would’ve love to write.

interning at a london lifestyle and beauty magazine, journalism internship

You Will Be Given the Most Boring Things to Do

Similar to the point above, you’re the intern, they are bound to give you the jobs that they don’t want to do or that take a long time to complete. That doesn’t mean that I was running around getting everyone coffee and cleaning up after them, that didn’t happen at all. But it does mean that most days I was researching for an article they were about to write or coming up with potential interview questions for them.

The bulk of my time was spent transcribing interviews, basically I would spend hours typing out exactly what the person was saying in an interview they’d done the other day so they could turn it into an article for the magazine. Sometimes this was very boring and took so much longer than I wanted it to, but since it was a magazine I liked to read, I was often listening to interviews with really interesting people that I looked up to.

You Will Probably Come Home with a Lot of Free Makeup

Freebies! And lots of them! Since it’s a beauty and lifestyle magazine I did go in assuming that I may be able to bag a couple of free samples, but I literally came home with double the amount of makeup than I had brought with me. I have to admit that was probably my favourite day working there because I LOVE makeup a lot and I was basically in heaven. Magazines like that get sent so many products to test out and write about and they’re left with too many products and no where to store them, so they give it to all the people that work there

interning at a london lifestyle and beauty magazine, journalism internship

Not Every Day Will Be a Good Day

Probably the most important point about interning at your ‘dream’ magazine. You go in with high expectations and you might love the first few days, but I can pretty much guarantee that there will be a day or maybe more that you just don’t want to be there anymore.

I experienced a fair amount of these days, I’m not used to working long hours and doing work that wasn’t always very interesting which meant that as I became more tired and a bit ill, I had some days where I just wanted to leave. I wasn’t getting paid which made those days even harder, but I just had to keep reminding myself why I was there and how important it was to push through those days and make it to the end. And it was worth it.

I struggled at times and felt run-down and stressed but overall I learnt a lot and came out the other side knowing that it was something I still wanted to go into after university

interning at a london lifestyle and beauty magazine, journalism internship