Positive Money Mentality: How to Make Money Less Stressful

As the saying goes, money makes the world go round. It’s one of those necessary things in life that you literally can’t live without and as much as you wish you could spend it on going out and seeing new places, you have to prioritise the boring things first.

Sooner or later, you can start to loathe money. You might be sitting at work wondering what all of the hard work is for when the pay checks feel like they disappear as soon as you get them. Your life ends up feeling like it revolves around money and you’re not actually enjoying what you’re doing anymore. It’s so hard to get the balance between spending money doing things you enjoy and holding back to save it instead.

No matter what financial position you’re currently in, it’s important to change your mind set and become more positive about money. It doesn’t have to be something that stresses you out anymore, so here’s how to turn money into something that’s under your control instead.

budgeting and saving money

Get Your Priorities Straight

To start with, focus on the most important and essential needs that you have first. Write down a list of things that you actually need money for and try to cut out excess expenses that aren’t really required. Many of us don’t accurately try and assess our needs and as a result, we can end up with an exaggerated sense of what we need money for. In many cases, people will assume that they need money in order to keep up some kind of public appearance, but the reality is that you only really need money for a couple of expenses such as your rent and utilities.

If you aren’t used to budgeting, then it’s a good idea to start doing it now. Create a budget so you know how much money you have, how much money you can save and what you’re spending each week to see if there’s any areas you can cut down on.

budgeting and saving money

Set Saving Goals

Goals are known to help us become more motivated in life. However, it’s vital that you try and set small savings goals so that you can reach them more frequently and ultimately become happier with your financial situation. Overoptimistic goals just end up making you feel worse than you did before when you don’t reach them as quickly as you thought you would. A good example of this is to track your progress towards saving for something that you want instead of taking out a loan to buy it or delving into your funds that are meant for essential things.

Although small goals are an excellent way to track your financial progress and motivate you, setting long-term goals is also important. Long-term goals mean that you can have a specific thing you want to save for in the back of your mind that you can gradually start to build up the money for. This might mean saving up enough money to pay for a house, a car, a new laptop you really want or anything really.

The idea is to always have a financial goal in mind for your money. If you’re saving for the sake of saving or because it’s a habit, then your money will lose its purpose and you’ll start to feel like you’re working for no reason. When you’re saving money, always have some kind of goal in mind so that you can motivate yourself to work towards it and give yourself a reason to hold onto your money and not spend it all the next time you’re online shopping.

budgeting and saving money

Figure Out How to Get Out of Debt

Debt is one of the biggest reasons we start to hate money. Money starts out as this great thing that lets us do and buy things we want, but ends up being a burden that leaves you feeling drowned in financial problems, not to be dramatic. This is why paying off your debts should be a priority and also why it’s one of the long-term financial goals that you should keep in mind.

Debt might seem scary, but there are plenty of ways that you can pay off your debts quickly. Although saving up money to pay off your debts can work, you should also remember that you can consider the option of consolidating your loans into a single repayment with £5,000 loans from Evolution Money or a varying amount depending on how much you need. Since you’re paying off several debts with a single repayment, you won’t be incurring lots of different sources of interest and you can focus on just paying one lender back. This can help a lot if you’re feeling drowned by debt, and once you finally pay it off, you’ll be surprised at how relaxed – or relieved – it can make you feel.

budgeting and saving money

Remember That Money Isn’t Everything

The most difficult part of shifting your mentality is realising that money isn’t everything. It’s not a measurement of how successful you are, it’s not a metric of how much worth you have and it’s also not the only way to make yourself happy. Many people get caught up trying to make money their whole lives and as a result, they create this unnecessary dependency on it which leads to feeling so much stress and negativity towards it.

We always get told that money isn’t everything in life, but it’s hard to shake off that feeling when we’ve always thought of money to be so important. Although making, saving and spending money are important components to our lives, you have to remember that there are other ways to enjoy life and it’s not all about how much money you can spend. Learn to appreciate other things and you’ll find that you can completely change your mind set around money.

It’s completely understandable that money feels like an evil in the world that people scramble to make and even break friendships and family bonds over, but with the right mind set, you no longer have to feel like it’s a limiting factor in your life or a negative component to try and avoid talking about.

Beth x

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  1. November 13, 2018 / 3:42 pm

    Great post Beth! It is so important to save and to budget, one of those vital lessons we all have to learn along the way. I found this really informative and helpful xxx

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